Beth awakened

Beth's symbol

VIZ Media name

Beth[1] Speaker (en-us)


Name: Beth[2][3][4] (de Speaker, es-es Speaker, it Speaker), Bethe[5] Speaker (fr), Bess Speaker (fr anime), 베스[6] Beseu Speaker (ko), Бет[7] Bet Speaker (ru), 比茜[8] Bǐqiàn Speaker (zh-hk), 貝絲[9] Bèisī Speaker (zh-tw)
Nickname: 深淵狩り[10] Shin'en Kari Speaker (Abyss Hunters ja), Abyss Hunters[11] Speaker (en-us)

Original name

ベス[12] Besu Speaker

Rank No.

2 of the Current Generation[13] and Next Generation[14]


Awakened, killed by Priscilla


Organization, Alicia


Special:[15] 精神共有/完全制御[16] Seishin Kyōyū/Kanzen Seigyo Speaker (Mind Share/Full Control)


Controlled Awakening[17]


There are two Alicias? (Galatea)[18]

First appearance

Scene 62


ベス transliterates from "Beth," diminutive of "Elizabeth," from Hebrew Elisheva (my God is an oath/is abundance). Compare to Eliza.


Claymore warriorEdit


Identical to Alicia. Taller than average Claymore warrior. Wears hime (princess) haircut. Expressionless face.

How to differentiate the twins: Beth is usually gazing downward—sometimes ever so slightly—even when her eyes are open and not in a combat situation.[19][20] Alicia looks straight ahead with or without a target in sight.[21]


Color scheme all-black including the armor. Reminiscent of bat costumes worn by female characters in film, stage and comics since the French film serial Les Vampires (1915).[22]

Beth in uniform
Beth in uniform

Shark-tooth-shaped buckle hold 2-layer spaulders on the shoulders. Vambraces are worn below the elbow. Shirt and leggings fabric is similar or identical to the fabric worn on the limbs of Helen. This material appears to stretch indefinitely.


After assimilating a parasitic rod, Beth sprouts mandibles similar to Alicia's and Clare's awakened forms. Mandibles serve simultaneously as wings and cutting blades. Resembles a headless horseman.[23]

Beth awakened 2
Beth awakened

But unlike Alicia and Clare, Beth has completely lost her human form, except for the headless appendage.[24]

Unknown as to location of Claymore sword, which always reappears when returning to human form.


Almost no personality or sense of self. A result of training from infancy by Organization to be of one mind with Alicia.[25]

Beth is completely obedient to Organization. Her only close relationship appears to be Alicia.



Height: 180cm (5ft 10.86in).[26] Dominant arm: right[27]


Beth is a Special type warrior, her ability being Mind Share/Full Control. She can fully control Alicia's awakenings, using a controlled awakening technique.[28]


Controlled Awakening depends on Mind Share, in which one warrior—possessing Mind Share/Full Release—fully awakens, decanting her human essence into the other, who has Mind Share/Full Control. This allows the awakened one to recover human form, permitting controlled awakenings.

Rubel reveals that Alicia and Beth have lost almost all individuality (almost no "self" or intellect) and are of one mind—a 2-body Claymore warrior in effect.[29]

Organization assessmentEdit

Twin sister of Alicia. Responsible for controlling the mind of Alicia during full awakening. When engaged their collective mind consumes tremendous energy.


Early life unknown.



In an unnamed town near Organization Headquarters, Rafaela overhears two men talking about identical twins being taken by Men in Black from ゼム[30] zemu Speaker (them).

Sutafu Village
Sutafu Village

ゼム is an object pronoun, but is often translated as being the proper name of either the twin's father[31][32] or one of the two men speaking.[33][34]

VIZ Media interpets ゼム as the twin's father, "Zemu." See Sutafu village for further information.

Unknown if "them" are the parents of Alica and Beth, since the Organization collects and trains other pairs of twins since the Luciela debacle. The "Yoma War Record" makes reference to negotiating with families to release their twin girls to the Organization, sometimes under duress.[35]


The original Japanese text, 裏[36] ura (back), has been variously translated as "out back"[37] or even "Hinterlands."[38] Regardless of actual birthplace, it is never stated that the twins were born in the village itself.


Beth is first mentioned by Miria as warrior No. 2, along with sister Alicia as No. 1. Miria warns Deneve, Helen and Clare not to engage.[39]


Battle of the North serves as delaying tactic, according to Galatea.[40] After the Organization's defeat at Pieta, the Northern Army splits in two—12 awakened beings heading for Lautrec, 11 for Sutafu.


As the Northern Army approaches Organization Headquarters, identical twins in black Uniforms—Alicia and Beth—confront army.[41]

Apparent leader, Lobster awakened, challenges the twins.[42]

Galatea and Rubel watch Alicia awaken into winged form, while Beth appears to meditate. Galatea speculates that "They mind...?"[43]

Rubel reveals that Alicia and Beth have lost almost all individuality (almost no "self" or intellect), explaining how the twins were trained from infancy to be of one mind—in short, a 2-body Claymore warrior.[44]


On news of Isley's death in Mucha, Limt sends Alicia and Beth to kill Riful.[45]

Combat IEdit


As Riful and Dauf observes Destroyer, Abyss Feeders attack.[46]

Then Alicia and Beth land before them. The warriors announce themselves as "Abyss Hunters." And that their target is Riful.[47]

Riful dismisses the twins, saying "You look to me like a couple of ordinary warriors."[48]

But Alicia awakens and proceeds to shred both Riful and Dauf.[49]

Together with Abyss Feeders, twins begin defeating Riful and Dauf. During 3-way combat, Destroyer fires rods, hitting all three parties.[50]


Riful drags Dauf from the field. Abyss Feeders ambush her. Suddenly, Alicia's awakened form attacks the Abyss Feeders. The wayward attacks confuse Riful.[51]


A Parasitic Rod has penetrated Beth, sitting unconscious.[52]

Combat IIEdit


Cynthia and Yuma find Beth. Yuma wants to help, but Cynthia holds her back. Both Beth and rod merge into an awakened.[53]


Alicia, reverted to her human form, cut off Riful's arm and leg with her sword. Riful retreats, now able to stand only with help of her hair tentacles.[54]

Alicia stops fighting and awakens.[55]

Combat IIIEdit

The awakened Beth and Priscilla meet. They fight.

Priscilla tears off the Claymore warrior torso on the awakened body. She drinks Beth's blood.

But Priscilla loses interest in Beth and walks away. But Beth insists on confrontation.[56]


Yuma flees, carrying the disintegrating torso of Cynthia. Yuma find temporary refuge. Cynthia's body is half-gone, apparently from contact with the awakened Beth.[57]

Last chargeEdit

Alicia, facing Riful and Dauf, suddenly leaves. She joins Beth in her fight with Priscilla. The twins have both awakened.

Priscilla beheads Alicia. Weeping, Beth charges Priscilla.[58]


Stunned, Riful senses the fight already is over.[59]

All available warriors are recalled to Sutafu to protect Headquarters. Three months later, they confront Miria.[60]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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