Rallying the warriors


Leadership qualities

Original name

統率[1] Tōsotsu


Ability to command a group



Primary user

Ilena, Miria

Associated baseline



Whether they like it or not, the strong take command over the weak. That is the responsibility that befalls them.[2]

First appearance

Scene 18, Anime Scene 7


Unofficial translation. 統率 translates as "leadership," "command."


Baseline that determines ability to direct group efforts. High baseline rare. Yoma power release can temporarily decrease baseline performance.



High baseline warriors can lead a large group (Miria in Battle of the North).[3]

Low baseline warriors have difficulty leading even a small group (Priscilla[4] and Jean[5]—both rated C).[6][7]


A group may only be strong as its "weakest link," or weak before a strong enemy, despite leadership. Also, avoidance of high Yoma power release, while commanding a group, can endanger a leader under combat situation (Miria fighting Rigaldo in Pieta).[8]



Leadership baseline enables no officially named ability or technique. Only offensive types appears to have a baseline of A or higher.

High baseline warriorsEdit

Rated A or higher:


Only mention is Miria's datasheet in Yoma War Record II.[9]


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