Humans, Claymores, Yoma, awakened beings, Abyss Feeders, Destroyer, Dragons' Descendents

Tree diagramEdit

As with the Tree of Life, different species co-exist on the island world of Claymore.

Like matryoshka dolls, one species contains another, which in turn contains another.



  • Goddesses Goddesses ↓
    • Goddess of Rabona link Goddess of Rabona
    • Teresa and Clare Teresa and Clare
    • Runoa goddess Runoa goddess

Natives of island world:

  • Human Humans ↓
    • Church of Rabona link Church of Rabona

Enemies of the Organization's parent power:

  • Dragons' Allies link Dragons' allies—human allies of the Dragons' Descendents ↓
    • Dragons' Descendent link Dragons' Descendents—unawakened ↓
      • Dragon link Dragons' Descendents—awakened

Opposing the Dragons' allies

  • Scientists Anti-dragon allies ↓
    • The Organization link Organization—nameless, mysterious group on island ↓
      • Executive portal Executive—leadership
      • Black Suit link Men in Black—field agents
      • Extra Scene 4 link School—Claymore training
      • Dae Retrieval Squad—R&D, Yoma and Claymore creation ↓
        • Dragon link Dragons' Descendents (unawakened + awakened) ↓
          • Yoma link Yoma (human + Dragons' Descendents implant) ↓
            • Winged Yoma link Winged Yoma
            • Jean link Claymore (human + Yoma implant) ↓
              • Clare Clare (human + Claymore implant)
              • Awakened link Awakened being ↓
                • Non-Claymore Awakened Non-Claymore awakened (human + awakened implant)
                • Scene 087 link Abyss Feeder (human + awakened implant)
                • Riful awakened link Abyssal One ↓
                  • Luciela x Rafaela link I. Luciela x Rafaela
                  • Destroyer link II. "Twin goddesses" ↓
                    • Parasitic Rod link Rod—parasitic ↓
                      • Hellcat link Hellcat
                      • Infected Host link Infected host
                  • Yoma Energy Mass link III. Mass being
                  • Yoma Energy Mass + Clare IV. Mass being + Clare
                  • Scene 109 V. Cocoon
                  • Destroyer-Priscilla VI. Destroyer–Priscilla
                  • Destroyer-Riful's Daughter VII. Destroyer–Riful's daughter

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