Rockwell mission
Rockwell Hill
Rockwell Hill massacre

VIZ Media name




Team member

Rosemary (No. 4), Teresa, unknown warriors

Man in Black



Hysteria (No. 1)

Current status

Target killed




Rockwell Hill


It seems as if I were killed on Rockwell Hill.[1]

First appearance

Scene 116

  • Rockwell mission ↓
    • Rosemary link No. 4—Rosemary
    • Teresa Unknown rank—Teresa


Unofficial name. Unnamed by characters.



Miria fights "Elegant" Hysteria, who mentions Rockwell Hill.[2] Miria realizes a resurrected Hysteria stands before her. Miria remembers Hysteria's history—a warrior who neither sent a black card, nor submitted to execution, before reaching her limit.[3]

Rockwell HillEdit

In flashback, Hysteria refuses to send her black card when awakening. On Rockwell Hill, she resists purge team. An unspecified number of warriors are killed before killing Hysteria.[4]


During the combat with Miria, the awakened Hysteria is struck down by Roxanne's blade.

The shattered remains of Hysteria barely clings to life. Hysteria's soliloquy describes two Claymore warriors that fought Hysteria on Rockwell Hill—warrior No. 4, Rosemary. And a mysterious, smiling warrior, resembling Teresa. The smiling warrior's attack weakened Hysteria, allowing No. 4 to deliver the coup de grace.[5]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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