Strah mission
Stra Mission
Clare and Winged Yoma

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Town of Strah[2]


How many people will die in the meantime?[3]

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Scene 2, Anime Scene 2

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As Clare bathes at a waterfall, a bespectacled Man in Black, Rubel, advises that she can never wash off the Yoma scent, since her own body produces it.[4]

He gives a new assignment—the village of Strah. 27 people have died—sign of a Yoma pack at work. He advises her to wait five days for reinforcements, but Clare expresses concern about deaths in the meantime. She goes alone, despite the dangers. This behavior persists in future scenes.[5]


When Clare arrives, the villagers remain hidden behind closed doors. But a man meets her in the street. [6] Clare knows he is a Yoma. Then four Yoma surround her.[7] Then he mentions a fifth Yoma. Suddenly from the sky, a Winged Yoma strike.[8]

Clare cuts in half three Yoma. She suspects they must be weak if they have to hunt in a pack.[9] She kills the leader, still in human form. Then using a thrown sword technique, she hurls her sword skyward to kill the Winged Yoma.[10]

Despite the demise of the Yoma, the villagers remain hidden. Clare repeats her standard line about the fee.[11]


Clare meets Rubel. He remarks on the villagers' ingratitude, despite Clare risking her life. And that Clare wants to help others, due to past emotions. But Clare admits nothing.[12]


Raki accompanies Clare in the cold open of Anime Scene 2. She fights the Yoma pack amid a sandstorm. She and Raki later travel through the desert to the oasis.[13]

Claymore Clare and Strah Mission00:15

Claymore Clare and Strah Mission

Clare in Strah


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