Yoma power ability
Yoma Power Ability
Deneve awakening


Defensive, special


Ability enabled by Yoma power baseline



Associated baseline


First appearance

Scene 30, Anime Scene 11

  • Yoma power ability ↓
    • Mind Share-Full Release link Mind Share/Full Release
    • Instant Reproduction link Instant Reproduction
    • Yoma Energy Mass link Yoma energy mass


Unnamed but described by the characters in the manga and anime.



Yoma power baseline enables ability. Yoma power ability enables techniques based on full Yoma power release.

Versus other abilitiesEdit

Rare, due to risk of awakening. Often confused with other abilities, due to "Yoma power" being used as an adjective for mental and sensing abilities, which involve detection and control of Yoma power.


First appears in Scene 27. Names of abilities appear only in Yoma War Record.


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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