Dicky and symbol



Original name



Bib-like garment covering throat. Bears each individual warrior's symbol[1]




Claymore warriors

First appearance

Scene 1, Anime Scene 1


Unnamed by the characters in the manga and anime. It resembles a dicky, though it can also be called a tuxedo or bib.


A mock-turtleneck, tuxedo-like garment, with a long, rectangular, bordered flap. For trainees at the Claymore school, the flap is unmarked.

When a trainee graduates to become a warrior for the Organization, the dicky is marked with a unique symbol at the neckline. The flap is worn tucked under the buckle.[2]

Together with the Claymore sword, the dicky appears to be identical among all warriors, unlike the armor.

The Awakened Claymore of Egon is missing the dicky.[3]


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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