Scene 139
Scene 139
Color plate of Cassandra and awakened beings

Original magazine title

殲滅の聖都[1] Senmetsu no seito (Annihilation of the Holy City)

Issue, release date

July 2013, 4 June 2013

Tankōbon title


US tankōbon title


New character



If you know what to do, let them become your wings.[2]




Holy City of Rabona, forest, field and hills near Rabona

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Cold openEdit

No cold open. Color plate of Cassandra, surrounded with portraits of the awakened Chronos, Octavia, Lars, a member of Octavia's party and Europa.[4]



Commanding the Next Generation warriors in Rabona, Galatea uses her sensing ability to gauge the power of the approaching Europa. She guesses that Europa ranked from No. 3 to 5, but that her true energy is completely unlike her aura. In addition to an abnormal mind and body, Europa may be well at Abyssal level.[5]

Rachel, typically, does not take the awakened very seriously. Europa crashes the city walls like a wreaking ball. Galatea orders everyone to draw their swords. Six warriors respond—“Red Wall” Violet (No. 11), “Dust Cloud” Abigail (No. 12 ), “Beheader” Leticia (No. 13), Lena (No. 14), Nike (No. 15), Tesla (No. 16).[6]


Anastasia announces that her “wings” are distributed throughout the city and invites everyone to use them as they please. When Europa bursts through the ramparts, four warriors stand aloft—Clarissa (No. 18), Dominique (No. 19), Norma (No. 22) and Minerva (No. 24). Audrey orders the single-digit warriors and double-digit volunteers to advance onto the stretched hairs.[7]

Rafutera uses her Yoma power harmonization, which causes Europa's attacks to miss a warrior.

Inside the city, Europa's bladed tentacles whirl about, destroying everything in her path. Before the oncoming Europa, Rachel and Nina argue over the utility of Anastasia's technique. On the ground, Abigail argues with a human guard, who refuses to retreat. As Sid tries to persuade the guard to fall back, a tentacle destroys the guard's arm.[8]

Scene 139b
Storming the ramparts

Sky commandEdit

Standing before Galatea's command post high above the city, Dietrich remonstrates Galatea on allowing humans to remain in Rabona. Galatea replies that the citizens only left a few day ago. Whether they travel on horse or on foot, an awakened would catch up to them in an instant.

And as to Dietrich's assertion that the guards should have been forcibly removed from the city, Galatea implies that the human guards remained not to protect the physical city, but the fleeing citizens. The guards are here as human bait to lure any awakened away from the refugees.[9]

Dietrich mentions that both she and Galatea share the same period, group or class number, explaining their unseeming familiarity with each other. Dietrich offers to go for a drinking bout with Galatea, should they survive this battle with the awakeneds. But she warns Galatea that a drunken fight between the two may result. Galatea is game. Dietrich then lunges down to the fighting below.[10]

Galatea's trump cardEdit

Europa never expected this much resistance. She targets the hairs that the warriors are standing on and then proceeds to sever them and attack the falling warriors. Galatea realizes the situation is deteriorating. Despite all the warriors here, they are still outmatched. She falls back on her emergency plan.[11]

Galatea checks in with Clarice and Miata and confirms they are ready. Galatea instructs Clarice to keep her Yoma energy synchronized with Miata's. Galatea compares their role to Beth's, keeping a fully awakened Alicia under control. She offers Clarice a chance to flee the city with Miata, but Clarice wants to stay and protect the people of Rabona.[12]

Scene 139c
Miata awakening

Miata awakens into a sprawling, winged angelic form.[13]


Outside the city, the Ghosts notice a new Abyssal-like aura in Rabona, one than rivals Europa's. Miria now realizes that Galatea has awakened Miata. Miria also acknowledges that her plan to break Priscilla's control over Cassandra is failing. Cassandra continues to batter her opponents. The four remaining awakened are badly damaged. [14]

Dae and RubelEdit

The pair are still debating over the ultimate winner in the Riful's daughter versus Priscilla combat. Rubel thinks it is a standoff. But Dae disagrees. Priscilla's dependence on attacks for regenerating energy may be her undoing, the implication being what will happen if that energy stops?[15]

Additional detailsEdit


  • Most of warriors' names have a religious connotation, such as Lena, "Red Wall", Nike, Abigail, Leticia, Dominique and Minerva
  • Dietrich sharing a "number" with Galatea is sometimes mistaken for a rank number. For further information, see the Manga section of the Generation article
  • Color plate of Clare surrounded with illustrations from several Shueisha tankōbon series, including Claymore[16]


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Cover artEdit

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Jump SQ July 2013


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