Scene 6
Scene 006a
Clare amid rooftops of Rabona

Original magazine title


Issue, release date

December 2001, November 2001

Tankōbon title

まほろばの闇 II[2] Mahoroba no yami II (Darkness of mahoroba II), volume 2

US tankōbon title

Darkness in Paradise, Part 2[3]

New character

Bishop Kamuri, Father Rodo, Captain Ganesu, Voracious Eater


A Yoma in disguise can even fool family members.[4]




Holy City of Rabona[6]

Anime arc

Great Sword

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Scene 7

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Scene 5

  • Darkness in Paradise arc:
    • Scene 005 link 5: Part 1
    • Scene 006 6: Part 2
    • Scene 007 7: Part 3
    • Scene 008 8: Part 4
    • Scene 009 9: Part 5
    • Scene 010 10: Part 6
    • Scene 011 11: Part 7

Cold openEdit

Nighttime. Two guards inside the cathedral argue about an intruder's presence. One guard is decapitated. The other guard does not see the Voracious Eater until it is too late.[7]


The next morning at the inn, Raki warns Clare that her eyes are silver again. She takes her suppressant. As the medicine takes effect, she can detect the Yoma moving inside the cathedral.

Suddenly, three guards burst into the room. They announce the death of the two guards and seize Clare and Raki as suspects. Then Galk and Sid arrive.[8]

Sid interrogates Clare, suspecting her of being a Claymore, but her eye color has changed to "normal." Sid is still suspicious and suspects a trick, but Raki creates a diversion. Sid tries to hit Raki, but Galk stops him. The guards finally leave.[9]


Father VincentEdit

Later that day, Clare later visits Father Vincent in the baptismal hall. He reiterates about the two murdered guards from last night. Aside from the guards who are regularly rotated, Vincent estimates ten church personnel were in the cathedral last night. Clare realizes that the Yoma must be living inside the cathedral and could be any one of the ten.[10]

Night visitEdit

Clare again travels by rooftop to the cathedral. This time, Galk and Sid are expecting her. They intercept Clare and a fight ensues. But during the fight, a scream comes from the cathedral.[11]

Scene 006b
Clare versus Galk

Clare ignores Galk and Sid and races into the cathedral, the entrance guards seeing only a blur. Inside the nave, she confronts the Voracious Eater. Galk and Sid enter the nave as Clare combats the Yoma.[12]

Additional detailsEdit


  • Sid says he can sense Clare's Yoma aura, an ability some humans have in the Claymoreverse

Cover artEdit

Monthly Shōnen Jump 12 December 2001
Monthly Shōnen Jump December 2001


Tankōbon Claymore volumes cited are VIZ Media (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted. Manga scenes (chapters) not yet translated cite Shueisha tankōbon (ja) editions. Manga scenes not yet published in tankōbon form cite Jump SQ (ja) editions. Fragments of Silver Omnibus (総集編 銀の断章 Gin no Danshou) 1–3, Shueisha, are only available in Japanese. Anime scenes (episodes) cited are FUNimation (en-us) editions, unless otherwise noted.

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