Strong Sword
Strong Sword
Rachel attacking with Strong Sword

VIZ Media name

Strong Sword[1] (en-us Speaker)


Klinge grob[2] (Coarse Sword de), Épée Vigoureuse[3] (fr Speaker)

Original name

剛の剣[4] goh no ken Speaker (sword of rigidness)


Offensive:[5] unknown ability


Sword acts as leaf-spring—sprung out on attack

Current status




Associated technique



One plugs her sword into the ground. And then hacks everything down with a Strong Sword.[6]

First appearance

Scene 69


剛の剣 translates as "sword of rigidness"—a description, not a proper name. VIZ Media uses the proper name "Strong Sword." Unnamed in the Italian and Spanish translations, which describe only as in the original Japanese text.[7][8]

Riful describes Rachel's sword acting as a rigid leaf-spring.


Rachel's unnamed strength ability enables this technique: blade is bent back, which springs out on attack.

The stiffness of the sword blade requires tremendous force to bend back. Great force is released as a result.

The two methods of bending: the sword point is anchored into ground, then dragged and sprung out. Or the blade is bent back by the blade of a second sword. The second sword then releases the first sword.


Audrey's huntEdit

Riful greets Audrey's hunt.

The hunt captain introduces herself as No. 3, Audrey. And the next highest ranking warrior as No. 5, Rachael.[9]

Rachel proceeds to use her technique on Riful. Rachel drags her sword point into ground, then springs out the blade, cutting Riful's tentacles.[10]

But Riful is still standing. Rachel attacks midair, her sword blade held back by Audrey's, only to be sprung.[11] Riful pretends to be hurt as she tests the two warriors for sensing ability.


Miria sees that Audrey and Rachel are no match for Riful. She orders Deneve, Helen and Clare to follow her. The Ghosts rush to save Audrey and Rachel from themselves.[12]

All attacks, including Audrey's, prove ineffectual.[13]


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